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All Things Considered: the Ins and Outs of Purchasing Motor Insurance

There is more to motor insurance than meets the eye. Marcelina outlines for the reader the many considerations and choices of cover that insurers offer.

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1st Quarter, 2013

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Retirement with Dignity: Roadblocks and Solutions

by Justin Y C Lee, Director, Personal Financial Services, First Principal Financial

Some years back an insurance company ran an advertisement campaign with the tag line, "Enjoy your retirement; not retire from enjoyment" that stuck in my mind for a long time. It portrayed an employee whose colleagues celebrated his retirement with him but the employee who retired was downcast. He failed to enjoy the fruits of his earlier labour on his retirement; he failed to plan adequately for his retirement. The day he retired from the company was the day he retired from enjoyment because he had not saved for his retirement. It was a message that still resonates in my head.

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BikInsurance Scheme: It's not a Bike, it's a Companion

by Camille Tan, Marketing Executive, GI & EB Department, First Principal Financial

Living in a more health-conscious and environmentally friendly era, many people are engaging themselves in pedal cycling as a form of exercise and transport. Filled with endless benefits, it is no wonder that many have decided to invest their time and money on a good ride.

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BikInsurance Scheme

Many of us spend countless number of hours searching for the RIGHT bike to invest in because we know only the right bike can give us the best ride. Well, having invested in the right bike, the only sensibly right thing to do is to INSURE it!

Now is the opportunity for you to pick up the best bike insurance plan in town - BIKINSURANCE scheme.

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